About Godly Play

The goal of Godly Play is to provide an environment that fosters discovery learning in which children feel safe and welcomed; where they can learn the art of using religious language to encounter God and to find meaning in their lives.

Objectives at the Heart of Godly Play:

  • To create a sacred space
    To build and work in community
  • To learn religious language
  • To use that language to make meaning


  • By using religious language-sacred stories, parables, liturgical action and silence (the stories)
  • By modeling how to wonder using the religious language so that children can “enter” the language rather than merely repeat it or talk about it (the wondering)
  • By allowing children to choose their work so that they can confront their own issues rather than working on issues determined by others (the response time)
  • By organizing the time to follow the pattern of worship that the Christian tradition has found to be the best way to be with God in community (the structure of time)
  • By modeling for the children how to work together as a community by supporting and respecting each other and one another’s work (the adults model this in their interactions with the children) By organizing the space so that they whole system of Christian language is present in the room; so that the children can literally walk into that language domain when they enter the room (the set-up of the room)

© 2003 Candy Moser (from Introduction to Godly Play)

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