What is SURJ Faith at St. Matthew’s?

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, but we live in fractured times. Many of us find it hard to love neighbors who are different from us and seem hard to understand; but we have to try.

To begin, we need to take a deep look within ourselves.

In our SURJ Faith Project at St. Matthew’s, we aim to begin this process by listening to each other within a structured effort to discover and discuss our attitudes about race, because we know that before we can reach out, we must look inward.

In 2016, St. Matthew’s became one of a number of churches nationwide to participating in SURJ Faith, a project created by the national group Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Read about the start of our Listening Project on Oct. 29, 2016.

About our Lenten Listening Project (2017)

Listen to Ruby Sales’ talk at St. Matthew’s on Racial Healing

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