Clergy, Staff and Vestry

General Contact Info

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church • 330 N. Hubbards Lane • Louisville, Kentucky 40207 • (502) 895-3485 • (502) 895-3486 FAX

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. • Saturday: closed

Clergy and Staff

Joanne Coleman, Accountant ext. 112 email
Harvey Roberts, Deacon ext. 108 email
Betsy Coomes, Parish Secretary ext. 104 email
Charles Frank, Director of Communications ext. 113 email
Derrick Grant, Director of Music ext. 106 email
Benjamin Hart, Director of Congregational Life ext. 103 email
Daniel Horton, Weekday Maintenance email
Kelly Kirby, Rector ext. 102 email
Callie Hausman, Director of Ministry, ext. 105 email

Clergy in our midst:
The Rt. Rev. David Reed
The Rev. Dr. Helen Jones
The Rev. Dr. Jerry Cappel
The Rev. Canon Jason Lewis
The Rev. Don Brown
The Rev. John Allen

Child Caregivers

Tashia Gonzalez
Shelby Foley

Our Vestry
Rick Lotz, Senior Warden Kevin Wardell, Junior Warden
David Brooks, Treasurer
Elizabeth Walden, Secretary-Clerk
Kate Ledvina, Youth Representative
Susanne Cramer Becky Donovan Amanda Harrity
Brad Kimbrough Judith Fischer Matrid King Ndife Greg Petrites
Marti Plager Justin Klassen George Wheeler  Kevin Wardell

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