Come to ‘Beginning Meditation’ classes

April 22-June 10, 2015:
in the Lounge
with Joan Kincade, M. A.

Why has meditation become so popular recently? In our very stressful society meditation has been proven to make us healthier by lowering blood pressure, reducing the risks of stokes and heart attacks and helping us manage stress. But more importantly it helps us live more peacefully and compassionately with our neighbors, and finally, it helps us forgive ourselves for the times we have been both inwardly and outwardly judgmental toward both ourselves and our neighbor.

This meditation class, intentionally offered in the Spring as an internal awakening while the external world is simultaneously awakening, starts Wed., Apr. 22. We will meet in the lounge.

In this class you will learn the basics of sitting in meditation, cultivating awareness to be fully awake to the present moment, and learning that difficulties can be doorways to becoming enlightened.

To enroll or ask questions about the class please e-mail Joan at or call her at 426-1641. The cost of the class is $100 full fee, or you can make arrangements with Joan to pay whatever you can afford.

About the instructor
Joan P. Kincade, M.A. will be facilitating the class. Joan has been a spiritual counselor for over 30 years. She received her masters from Yale University and has studied at the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary and the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center as well as with Virginia Satir, Caroyn Myss, Jean Houston and many others. Her passion is her own spiritual journey and walking with others on theirs.

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