Brian gets his shopping carts

shopping carts

Brian’s Christmas Present!

The St. Matthew’s Food Pantry now has 10 more shopping carts for guests to use.

Brian Good, our Food Pantry director, tells how he got them.


Brian says,

For the past 4 years I’ve been trying to secure shopping carts for our Food Pantry.

More shopping carts would greatly improve the efficiency of the Food Pantry. The more carts we have, the more people we can send through the line to get food. These people who come to get food have other things to do on a Saturday morning, so it really helps our guests to go through the line and get on with their day.

But it’s been very difficult to get shopping carts. They are very expensive and companies don’t want to donate them.

It’s kind of been a thorn in my side — trying to get more.

So my wife Courtney decided that for Christmas, she would get get me more shopping carts.

Without me knowing, she got connected with an auction house in Cincinnati, and she purchased 10 carts. She drove up there – she stripped our van, took all the seats out — and she drove up there and got the carts and drove home, and hid them in our neighbor’s garage so I wouldn’t know about them.

Christmas Eve rolled around, and we did our thing with the kids, and we went to bed. Courtney set her alarm for 3 a.m. She snuck out of bed and went outside to the neighbor’s garage and got them — she put a dog leash around one of them and strung them all together with the leash — and was able to pull them all over to our house. She put a bow on each one, and set them all out on our front lawn.

On Christmas morning, we all went to open our presents by the Christmas tree. Now Courtney had strategically put several of my gifts down under the tree in the back by the bay window, so when I bent down to get my gifts I would look out and see the carts.

Of course I reached down to get my presents there 2 or 3 times without ever looking out the window. Everybody was laughing, and I didn’t know what was so funny — until I finally looked out the window and saw them!

I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely stunned. Absolutely stunned!

I don’t think I’d felt that way on a Christmas morning since I was six years old. And it was a wonderful feeling.



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