Join our Cooks & Bottlewashers

Many hands make light work!

We need people to set up, cook, serve, and clean. Please use the form below to sign up in one or more areas that interest you. We will use this list to notify you of upcoming events and ask for volunteers as needed.

Thank you, Cooks and Bottlewashers, for making this such a vital and successful ministry!

Please fill in the form below and click ‘submit’
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St. Matthew’s Church has a long and joyful history of celebrating our faith and community through the breaking of bread together. Whether on Agape Thursday, St. Matthew’s Day, or at our annual luncheon, we all come together to share food and fellowship, and we rely on many hands to make these meals come together.

Cooks & Bottlewashers is the committee that coordinates food service for these events.

We are looking for new members – FAMILIES ARE WELCOME! – and confirmation from our existing C&Bers of your interest in this ministry. We have always been fortunate to have a large pool of volunteers, which means members need only help out a few times a year, as opposed to every event.

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