Dimensions of Faith Lecture Series

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland
The Pantsuit Politics Team

Dimensions of Faith is bringing Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland to St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church on September 13, 2020. Beth and Sarah are the co-hosts of the notable political podcast, Pantsuit Politics. Unlike other popular political forums, where hosts and guests advance their agendas at at any cost, Beth and Sarah have a podcast with real conversations to help audiences better understand politics, democracy, and the news – while still treating each other like thoughtful human beings. Pantsuit Politics is an informative and grace-filled space where respecting each other as people who are sharing insights into the issues of the day and their hearts. Grace is something that everyone deserves, and allows for greater depth in conversations and connections.

About the Dimensions of Faith Speaker Series

Dimensions of Faith invites thinkers and writers to explore the interface of religion and culture, as we continue as a parish to challenge our minds and renew our spirits.

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