Dr. Otis Moss III – Oct. 8-9 – Bates Memorial

This weekend Bates Memorial Baptist Church is having a special 30th Anniversary Celebration for Bates Memorial Pastor Bruce Williams’ ministry. Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III from Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, IL. will preach this weekend at Bates – at all 4 services:
Saturday Night Live at 6pm
Sunday 8am, 10am, & 12Noon.

There’ll also be music from the Bates Memorial Mass Choir, in which you’ll hear and see of some of our food pantry neighbors!

Bates is at 620 Lampton St. in Smoketown.

Dr. Otis Moss III is the son of Rev. Dr. Otis Moss Jr. , our Dimensions of Faith speaker in 2011. Learn more about Dr. Otis Moss III here.

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