Early Bird Theologians

Early Bird Theologians – 9a, Conf. Rm. B (Main Level)
Coffee and treats coupled with studies from the Living the Questions and other series make this a fun and educational group.

Hard questions of faith receive a serious look throughout Lent in Early Bird Theologians as we listen to The Greatest Controversies of Early Christian History with professor Bart D. Ehrman. Following the audio portion, the class discusses and engages those places we have yet to settle on in our own faith.

  • Feb. 21: Did the Jews Expect a Suffering Messiah?
  • Feb. 28: Was Christianity an Illegal Religion?
  • Mar. 6: Was Jesus Raised from the Dead?
  • Mar. 13: Was Pontius Pilate a Secret Christian?
  • Mar. 20: Did the Jews Kill Jesus?
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