Educational programs for Sunday, Jan. 26


Early Bird Theologians You are welcome to join this ongoing DVD discussion series at any time. (EFM room.)



Welcome to St. Matthew’s. Are you visiting or new to St. Matthew’s? Would you like to learn more about the parish? Join this small group with Karen Hill and Tom Momberg. (Lounge.)

Sunday Forum. Bellarmine U. Prof. Tim Welliver discusses militant (Salafist) Islam, a global phenomenon affecting events in Kenya, Syria, Central African Republic and Pakistan. (Clingman.)

Faith and Life. The U. S. Supreme Court has held that corporations are persons. What is the effect of this on our society? Is the holding consistent with Christian principles? Come and discuss! Judy Fischer moderates. (Meeting Room A.)

Parents In Conversation
. Parent of infants through teens: are you interested in being part of our community of parents celebrating the joys and challenges of what it means to bring up children of faith in a secular world? Then please join us on Sunday mornings. (Room 114 on the lower level across from the elevator.)



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