Emma Eddins’ Habitat House

Emma Eddins

Emma Eddins

Emma Eddins will be our special guest April 27 at the 10 am service, along with May O’Neil and Marilyn Nelson, Habitat Family Advocates and Janel, Temple, Habitat Director of Outreach and Family Services.

Emma assumed the mortgage and closed on her Cedar Street Habitat for Humanity House on April 10, 2014. Her house was the fifth Habitat for Humanity House co-sponsored by St. Matthews and Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Eddins, 65, began with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville in September 2012. Originally from Atlanta, GA, after her mother died, Emma and her family moved to Louisville to be raised by her aunt. “Louisville is the only home I’ve known,” she said. Emma has five adult children, seven grandchildren, and six great-grand children. She is a retired stay at home mom, “but I still have family visit me with the babies,” she said.

She learned about Habitat’s Homebuyer program after watching Habitat build many houses in her neighborhood. “When my husband, William, was living, he promised to build me a house,” she said, “After he passed, I’d been praying on getting a house. Guess the good Lord has heard me!”

“I’ve been living in an apartment ever since William died eight years ago, but it doesn’t seem like my own,” she said, “Homeownership is important to me because I’d love to have something that’s mine. It’s exciting!” Emma believes her family is special because “they depend on me,” she said, “I will do anything for others; I’m free-hearted.”

“The most rewarding part of Habitat’s Homebuyer program is getting to tour the completed houses,” she said, “It’s motivating to know that one day I’ll have my own house. I’ve learned that it’s easy to get along with others because the staff is friendly and easy-going. I’m shy, but I feel bubbly inside when I come to Habitat.”

Once she’s moved in and settled, Emma is looking forward to having a party. “My husband and mine’s anniversary is September 30th, so if I move in before, I will have a big family dinner,” she said. In her free time, Emma likes to go to the movies, shopping, and help her grandchildren with their school projects. “I used to volunteer at my kid’s schools,’ she said, “So once I complete my Habitat home project, I can get back to helping them with theirs.”

In five years, Emma hopes to still be active with her family. “Being able to see all my great-grandchildren means a lot to me,” she said. “I’m blessed. Owning a home is good for me because I’ll live there for the rest of my life!”

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