Empower West Louisville – Resources and discussion

Suggested books and videos

Booker T. Washington Atlanta Compromise Speech

Kwame Ture (formerly Stokely Carmichael): Videos (and transcripts) of speeches  “Stokely Speaks” is a book of his essays and speeches.

Edward E. Baptist The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism (2014) and many other books listed on Amazon

Ta-Nehisi Coates Between the World and Me

is a highly acclaimed NY Times best seller that has been recommended by the pastors’ group.  A short but powerful read (and see selected quotes  in the Views from the Pews blog post by Bob Nesmith).

James H. Cone The Cross and the Lynching Tree   A Black Theology of Liberation(1970) and many other books listed on Amazon. From the Amazon product page: “…Black Theology & Black Power (1969) and A Black Theology of Liberation (1970) … offered a searing indictment of white theology and society [and] introduced a radical reappraisal of the Christian message for our time.  And look for videos online where Cone talks about “The Cross and the Lynching Tree.”

Ronald J. Sider lots of YouTube videos and a book recommended by Dr. Kevin Cosby: Linking Arms, Linking Lives: How Urban-Suburban Partnerships Can Transform Communities (Baker Books, 2008). Writes about asset mapping and gives an approach that might be worth reading for both St. Matt’s and St. Stephen.

Bryan Stevenson Just Mercy (2015)


Notes from 11/15/15 meeting with Kelly Kirby at St. Matthew’s

Who are we

What we do is NOT a St. Matthew’s church project or group. Kelly’s involvement in the pastors’ group is not the same as St. Matthew’s being involved as a church. Should we continue to call ourselves “EWL at St. Matthew’s? I think that’s a good question to think about.

Notes from /activities mentioned at 11/15/15 meeting with Kelly Kirby at St. Matthew’s


Connecting one-on-one with West. Lou. residents

Kelly said that the book and dinner groups mentioned at the EWL Summit are not yet organized.

Is there some way we could organize such groups and involve West End church members?

Exploring/experiencing West Lou.

Attend Christmas events at West Louisville churches (mentioned by Marilyn Scholl)

  • Patronize West Louisville restaurants

    Sweet Peaches 18th & Muhammad Ali (facebook page)

    The Table (in Portland), 338 N 25th St 772-3694 ( facebook page )

  • Friday night fish fries at St. Stephen? (nothing about it on the St. Stephen website)
  • Attend St. Stephen services 7pm Weds. and 11am Sats. (and several Sunday services)
  • Attend St. Stephen MLK event Jan. 18

    Walter Brueggemann weekend Jan 16 at St. Stephen, Jan, 17 at St. Matthew’s (web page )

    Becoming educated about West. Lou. issues /needs

    Tues. Nov. 17 5:30p Tom FitzGerald of the Ky. Resources Council, Greater Friendship Baptist Church, 2325 Osage Ave.

    Sun. Dec. 6 11:15a Arthur Cox of St. George Scholar Institute speaks in Clingman Forum St. Matthew’s

    Presenting the play “Prevailing winds” at St. Matthew’s Mentioned by Peggy Woolley can organize; who will fund?)

    Touring West Lou. (who is offering such tours now?)

    Continuing book discussions at St. Matthew’s

    Our next book discussion is of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me.”

    West Lou. programs/projects
    • St. George’s Scholar Institute (and St. George’s Episl Church), 26th & Oak. St. Matthew’s has supported St. George’s for many years – Christmas Offering, donate to their food panty. Tom Kolb is on the board of the Scholar Institute (website). There’s an after-school program, tutoring, a computer center (Edie Bingham, Roger Dutschke, Tom Kolb are some of the parishioners involved with programs here.)Some of us will help serve at the Nov. 19 Thanksgiving Dinner at St. George’s.
    • Project One mentoring program (mentioned by Matrid Ndife)
    • Simmons College (website) Ideas include providing professors and getting involved with their book drive


    Things in development that we might figure out how to have a role in

    One West Louisville (website)

    Black yellow pages (in development)

    Ideas from 10/11/15 SMEC meeting

    Go to a Wed. night service at St. Stephen

    Ask Dr. Cosby for a choir exchange?
    Invite St. Stephen Choir to come sing at a service – Sunday liturgy? Lessons and Carols in Advent?
    Matrid Ndife, Susan Judge

    Attend the Looking for Lilith Theater Company’s play “Prevailing Winds” – and then have a discussion about it. The play runs Nov 6-14 at The Kentucky Center’s MeX Theater. According to the group’s website, Prevailing Wings “is focused on environmental issues in relation to Rubbertown and its surrounding communities, as well as how race and class have played into the Louisville community’s dialogue and action around these issues.”
    – Peggy Woolley

    Host a lunch at St Matt?

    Go to St. Stephen Cafe for lunch as a group

    Have a book discussion at St. Stephen Cafe

    Develop a connection with Rev. Frank Smith’s church (the former St. John’s Episcopal, which the diocese sold to him in the past). Bob Nesmith

    Meet with Kelly to learn more about the pastors’ group; what’s been discussed, learned, etc. ??

    Highland Baptist is coordinating the book and dinner groups- contatct them to find out what’s happening and get on list

    The proposed (planned?) soccer stadium in West Louisville has potential to change the economics of the neighborhood

    Proposals announced at Sept. 27 Empower West Louisville Summit


    Help foster African American businesses

    • Asset-based community development (“The Kentucky Baptist Foundation provides charitable gift consultation services for individuals and investment management oversight and accounting services to Kentucky and Southern Baptist-related churches, associations, institutions and agencies” and certain other non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.)

    Stokely’s list

    Working with allies


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