Fast Forward Weekend Apr. 29-30


Hey, students! Are you ready to make a difference in your community? Are you ready to demonstrate leadership to the larger church? Do you want to experience hunger for yourself and take a stand against hunger in Louisville?


Then join us on the Fast Forward Weekend event April 29-30 at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church.

Fast Forward is a 24-hour juice fast designed to teach you about the effects of hunger. It includes action in the local community and activities that connect faith to those actions.

You can expect to experience sleeping outside in a cardboard box, playing games and working through challenges with a team of others, and taking direct action against hunger in the community.

You’ll be dropped off at church on Fri. Apr. 29 at 6p. You’ll spend the night at the church (sleeping outdoors in cardboard boxes).

Families will come during action portions of the event to support and learn alongside you.

hungerimage1SliceHere is what you need to do:

1) Talk to your family about the event

2) Complete the registration form below by April 25.

3) Turn in a release form by April 25.

4) Look for a packing list to come in the mail

5) Invite a friend to join you!

I hope and pray you will join us!


Abbi Long, Director of Ministry

Not your usual youth event: Two critical differences

1. Students must sign up by April 25. Our general policy on youth ministry is to allow students to sign up for events right up until the last moment whenever possible. If we are going to the movies…no problem! If we are headed out to the lake…no problem. But for this event, students must sign up by April 25. Chaperones and supplies must be secured. The event itself revolves around the total number of participants. Safety and diligence prevent anyone from having a bad experience.

2. Students cannot leave during the event. A second general policy is to make accommodations for other commitments during events. Need to leave for a few hours to make that practice…OK, if you must. But for this event, it is not possible to come and go. There is no way for a student to fast and play sports, practice for something, or leave for a short while. Please think and pray about the event and commit to attending it entirely.

Download this Letter to Parents

Registration and parental consent required. Download and complete Release Form.

Fill in the form below to register for the Fast Forward Weekend.


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