Feb. 11, 2017

A Statement Regarding the Preschool’s Non-compliance from Bishop Terry White.

I am aware of the efforts to bring the Community Preschool into compliance with the requirements of the Safeguarding Our Children mandates set forth by The Episcopal Church. I support completely the position taken by the Vestry and Rector of St Matthew’s. It appears from the corporate documents that St Matthew’s is the sole member of the limited liability company named Community Preschool. As the only member of that LLC, it seems apparent that no monetary transfers should have occurred without the consent of the Rector and Vestry of St Matthew’s. I am committed to the process which seeks to insure transparency in the financial affairs of the Community Preschool. I look forward to the resolution of these issues.

The Right Reverend Terry A. White
Bishop of Kentucky

The Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky
425 Second Street, Suite 200
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

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