Feb. 7, 2017 Update

The Rev. Kelly Kirby’s communication Feb. 7, 2017

Dear Parish,

On Friday, February 3, legal counsel and I learned that employees of the St. Matthew’s preschool transferred funds totaling $204,767 away from an account owned by the church without authorization from the church, the sole member (owner) of the preschool and its assets, on November 23, 2016 to an outside account associated with a newly formed corporation. That new corporation which received the funds is affiliated with the employees of the church preschool who transferred the preschool funds. The parish had no knowledge of this transfer until last week, and has never approved, condoned, or authorized the transfer in any way whatsoever.

The parish, with assistance of legal counsel, has over the weekend begun investigating this unauthorized and secretive transfer of funds. I am in full communication with the Bishop. I ask for your prayers for the parish, for me, the staff, and for the wardens as we address this most difficult situation.

The school is still open. Existing teachers are still in place, and the Vestry and I will operate the preschool through the end of the lease term of June 30, 2017. I have instituted disciplinary action with respect to the employees of the church’s preschool who implemented the unauthorized transfer.

The Rev. Kelly Kirby

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