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foyersWebSteal1The purpose of Foyers is to meet new friends and deepen connections among those who worship at St. Matthew’s! If you are new to St. Matthew’s, check out Foyers!

Q & A

What are Foyers?

Foyers are small social dinner groups that exist in many forms. You meet new friends — some Foyers groups form friendships that last decades.

What is a Family Foyers Group?

Families come in many shapes and sizes. Grandparents, parents, pseudo-grandparents, caregivers, children, and youth are all part of Family Foyers Groups. Family groups dine in each others’ homes or at a location of their choice, like a park or restaurant.

What is a Restaurant Foyers Group?

Two kinds of restaurant groups are offered. Sunday Brunch Groups go out right after church. Other Restaurant Groups choose a different location each time, usually for dinner, on a mutually agreed upon day of the week. Restaurant Groups can have adults of all ages. If parents of young ones want to participate, they get a sitter for the kids and enjoy a meal out with other adults.

What is a Home Foyers Group?

Home Groups are  a mixture of people who meet in each others’ homes. The host couple provides the entrée and drinks;  the other group members bring side dishes. (If adults with young children want to participate in a Home Foyers Group, they find a sitter for when they meet in other people’s homes. They are welcome to have the children present when they serve as the host.)

What is a convener?

The role of the “convener” is to make sure the first meeting happens. The convener communicates with the entire Foyers Group about where and when the first gathering will take place. The convener also communicates concerns of the group back to the Foyers Coordinator, Denee Bannister. Finally, the convener communicates with the staff to learn about new people to invite.

What is a host?

The host is the person or persons who determine the location of the gathering. Hosts can plan to have everyone to their home, to the restaurant they choose, or to another agreed upon location. There is a different host every time so that everyone in the group takes a turn.

How long do Foyers Groups last?

Foyers Groups are formed in the fall and last until new groups form the next year, typically October to October. This allows groups to meet during the summer months if they choose.

How many people are in each group?

Groups are typically 8-10 adults. Family groups are 3-4 families. If someone is going to be absent, they can invite people to attend for that one gathering as guests.

What happens if my group wants to keep meeting after October?

The spirit of Foyers is to meet new people; therefore, groups that want to keep meeting can do so as friends, but not as an official Foyers Group.

Can I join mid-year?

Yes. If you are new to St. Matthew’s and would like to find a Foyers Group mid-year, please contact Denee Bannister or Abbi Long.


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