Survey shows interest in starting St. Matthew’s Health Ministry

In May, parishioner Nicholas Eastman asked us all to take a survey to evaluate the need for a Health Ministry at St. Matthew’s.

“‘Health Ministry’ is a new title to replace the title of ‘Parish Nursing,'” he wrote. “With an increasingly senior congregation as well as the new health care provisions, health information dissemination, which is the greater part of a Health Ministry, can have ongoing value to our congregation. This, along with other opportunities provided by such a ministry, can be a nurturing addition to our offerings and different but inclusive of the ‘Care Teams.’ ”

Over 150 of you took the survey, and your answer was “Yes, we want a Health Ministry.”  And those who indicated that they wanted to be involved have already started meeting.

What did the survey say about what programs we wanted?

Nearly 55 percent would like the Ministry to help parishioners understand medical information they get when visiting their doctor or being discharged from the hospital. Over half also think blood pressure screening would be a good service to offer.

Over 60 percent of those surveyed want health education information to be published in the parish newsletter. The top two health education topics that interested respondents were information on meditation and prayer (52%) and information on end-of-life issues and advance directives (50%).

View the survey results (PDF).

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