Large crowd at August Food Pantry shows face of hunger

The August St. Matthew’s Food Pantry again saw large numbers of guests – “we served 163 families and 526 people, including 188 children and 53 seniors,” said parishioner Brian Good who coordinates the food pantry.

The July Food Pantry served similar numbers   “161 families and a total of 578 people, including 189 children and 33 seniors.

Today one in seven Americans — 46 million people — rely on food pantries and meal service programs to feed themselves and their families, according to the “Hunger in America 2014” study just released by the group Feeding America, a network of 200 food banks. (Watch the video) (Read the full report (PDF))

“Despite the big spike in our number of guests this summer, Dare to Care has made sure no one leaves without food,” said Brian.

At the August Food Pantry, 14 volunteers – almost half of our volunteers – were children and youth. “Pretty cool!”

Young volunteers at our August 2014 Food Pantry.

Young volunteers at our August 2014 Food Pantry.

St. Matthew's Youth help out!

St. Matthew’s Youth help out at July Food Pantry!

More young helpers from St. Matthew's.

More young July helpers from St. Matthew’s.

The food pantry is the third Saturday of each month. We need warm hearts and smiling faces – youth and adult – and everyone has a fun time! The number of families we serve continues to increase! To keep up with the heavy traffic we need more “staff” on Food Pantry Saturday – from about 9:30 till 1.

Here are some of the things you might do:

  • set out food from Dare to Care
  • sign-in guests
  • make coffee
  • help guests select groceries
  • roll carts out to cars
  • load cars and
  • return carts to Saints Hall

There’s on-site training!

Please join us in Saints Hall for all or part of the time. For more info about volunteering call Peggy Enriquez at 894-9632 or Brian Good at 899-9390.

Working at our monthly food giveway. PHOTO: JUDY FISCHER

Working at our monthly food giveway. PHOTO: JUDY FISCHER

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