Our new ‘TV signs’ are up for your information

Our new  indoor signs are up! There is one in the Narthex over the literature table, and one downstairs on the wall next to the library.

These signs are similar to your television. They will allow us to easily publicize a variety of activities.

  • On Sundays, they will advertise the education classes for the day as well as where to go for the class.
  • During the week, they will publicize a variety of activities along with the times of our services.
  • The TVs also display our parish calendar, so you can see upcoming events and their locations in the building.

From time to time the TVs will show short slideshows or videos about our parish.

The team is extremely appreciative of the anonymous donor who provided the funds for this project.

If you have any questions, please contact any of us on the Communication Team: Will Bogel, Bill Bond, Mary Johnson, Edie Nixon, David Sparks, Rhody Streeter and O’Bryan Worley.

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