Job Openings


St. Matthew’s is looking for two to three Sunday morning caregivers to provide nursery care for young children. Please contact Julie Mushkin, Ministry Coordinator for more information.

Weekend Helper

The parish currently has a job opening for a part time Weekend Helper. This individual will need to work on the third Saturday of the month to help out with cleaning up and closing the building after the food pantry. They will also need to work every Sunday from 9a to 3p. Duties include:

Unlock all doors in the morning
Make coffee (when coffee hour returns)
Be a backup child care sitter
Put away any tables or chairs used on Sunday
Fill the candles in the nave with oil for the next services
Lock up the church leaving at 3pm

If you know of any individual that would have any interest, please contact Betsy Coomes. Parishioners are not eligible for this job position.

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