‘How can the annual giving campaign change us?’

kirbyFirsTSundayTHUMBThis fall brings plenty of promise with it. Our Sunday attendance is strong, the food pantry is serving good food and grateful neighbors, our church school classes have over one hundred sixty students participating, and the handbell and vocal choirs have 70 musicians making beautiful music each Sunday. The parish is in the process of being renewed.

With the abundance of newness on the horizon, it is time to plan for ministry that will take place in 2015. It is the beginning of our annual giving campaign, and I am writing to ask you to take a new look at your annual pledge, and to pray about what you plan to give next year.

So, how can the annual giving campaign change us?

Giving is a spiritual activity, not only a way to make sure that the parish can pay the utilities. It feels good to give, and it is right to return a portion of what God has given to us for the work of the church. God can do wonders with our gifts.

For over 60 years, the parish has relied upon the generosity of our members to fund our mission. Every year we ask everyone to pledge. Sharing is good for the soul. Regular, percentage-based giving is a powerful spiritual discipline, so let us not be overwhelmed by this request. Let’s make sure that fear about the future and anxiety about having enough are set aside. Everyone’s gift helps. We rely on lots of gifts. Abundance abounds in our life with Christ. We have a stake in funding this church, for we have a commitment to know Christ and to make Christ known in our community.

Faithfully yours,

The Rev. Kelly Kirby
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

This article appears in the Nov. 2014 issue of The Spirit Newsletter

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