Daniel Ochieng, the shepherd we support, wishes to make this gift to the orphans in his care. After providing food, clean water, clothing and appropriate shelter for many children, Daniel is working to improve their educational opportunities.
The children attend local public schools through grade eight. After eighth grade, they pursue one of two tracks:
1) Vocational—welding, carpentry, and tailoring
2) Educational—attending a boarding school for secondary education, with an eye to teacher training or other higher education goals.
Harrison OOko, our most recent college graduate, earned a degree in Food Science and Technology. We helped pay for Harrison’s college expenses and gave him a laptop computer to help him with his studies. Harrison is an orphan with no close family. He despaired of ever getting an education. Daniel and his wife Damaris stood with him at graduation as his parents. We are all very proud of him. Harrison is a great example of “Voice, Hope, and Future”.
IMG_0090_smallAlthough the capacity of the orphanage is about sixty children, the population is in constant change for a variety of reasons. AIDS is still rampant in Western Kenya as well as malaria and other deadly diseases. There continues to be a great need. Please help if you are able. Even a little goes a long way.

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