Who is leading the Parish during August?

Senior Warden Edie Nixon writes,

We have finally reached the final month of our interim period here at St. Matthew’s. Tom left at the end of July and Kelly starts on the first of September. It is bit like being a student again. You have the wonderful anticipation of a new school year wrapped in a bit of anxiety. I look forward to the new chapter in the life of St. Matthew’s.

Emily and I would like to let you know who to contact during this “in-between” month. Emily will be the Priest-in-Charge. She will oversee all pastoral needs of the congregation as well has being responsible for the worship life of the parish. Emily does need a day off so The Rev. Georgine Buckwalter as agreed to be on call for any pastoral needs which might arise on Monday. As Sr. Warden, I will be handling the normal Warden duties with the added responsibility of overseeing the staff as well as any other organization duty which a rector would normally handle.

Please feel free to reach out to Emily, me and any vestry member with your concerns or suggestions.

Peace be with you,

Edie Nixon, Sr. Warden

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