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Pictorial Directories Mack Mathews 50 Year Reunion The parish archives, while part of the library is located in Meeting Room B above the library. It contain many videos, audios, photographs and documents from the entire history of our parish. Many of the items have been digitalized. Here are some of the items.

The most recent History of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church was written by Ann E. Miller, a parishioner. St. Matthew’s History – Ann Miller

Selective Chronology of events in the history of St. Matthew’s

Brief History of the current St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Louisville

Descriptive Chronology of the first St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Louisville

Archival Record – The 50th Anniversary committee prepared a book that cataloged the various items of art, sculpture, etc. at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. The book has been updated and can be borrowed from the Library or viewed here. Click here for PDF version.

Vestry members elected in the past

The following links lead to lists which are not complete. Please contact Lee Fletcher to make corrections or additions:

For a list of Vestry officers click Vestry Officers at SMEC 1948- 2021

For a list of youth representatives 1997 – 2021 click here

For a list of Vestry members arranged by the year they were elected Click here

Oral History Project

Rhody Streeter 2014The purpose of this project is to gather information about, and insight into, the history of St. Matthew’s Church. This undertaking grew out of the recognition that there are lessons to be learned from knowledge of the past.  Accordingly, teams of volunteer interviewers and videographers are recording the memories and reflections of parishioners whose association with St. Matthew’s has continued over a period of years, and who have witnessed its growth and development during this time. The completed interviews can be borrowed from the Library or can be viewed there. Click here for a list of the Oral History Project narrators

Church Publications

Click to view annual reports, newsletters, Vestry minutes.


Videos and Photos, Past and Present

For our extensive photo and video collections, click HERE.


Youth Programs

To see what our youth are doing, click HERE.


Trivia Fun from the Digital Archives

Want to know more about St. Matthew’s? Click here to view the Trivia Quiz from St. Matthew’s Day 2013.


Digital Archives

Not all of the St. Matthew’s Archives are available online or have been digitized. We will continue to add to the online archives as appropriateness and time permits. You are welcome to visit the library where you can browse them on the public computer or request to see the original documents.

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