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In 2021, Russ Weis, Mike Risley, John Shelby and Mike Schmitt were recognized as Unsung Hero/Heroine of St. Matthew’s. Richard Thompson was made an honorary Unsung Hero. What are unsung heroes and when did this recognition begin?

The custom of naming someone for special credit at the Annual Meeting is thought to have begun in 1987 when special recognition was given to Aidan Stone. Records are not complete* but a partial list of parishioners honored during the remainder of Dick Humke’s time would include: Anne and Phil Ardery, Marcia Carman, Chuck Hamrick, Ralph Strang, Earl Schaaf, and Evelyn Carter. Other names are listed in the most recent Annual Report.

To quote Dick, “All that those people did for St. Matthew’s is really known only to a few of us, and it is far more than most people could ever imagine.” Dick Humke credits Lucinda Laird with the term “Unsung Hero (ine). For a list of recognized parishioners at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church 1997-2021  click here

Bret Witter and Kathy Bowling

Bret Witter and Kathy Bowling

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Trivia related to St. Matthew’s

A contributor to the book the Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History is Bret Wittter. Bret Witter was co-author of the Dewey the Library Cat books who visited with our elementary school children in the fall of 2011.

Debbi’s Favorite Authors

Debbi's Favorite Authors -- Lauren Becker - Jan 2015 (2)

In honor of Debbi Rodahaffer’s years of service to our church and especially the children, three of your librarians made a special gift in appreciation of her work among us upon her retirement. For details click here

The 10th Anniversary of the  St. Matthew’s Church Library in its current location was celebrated in 2018. It came at the end of the 70th anniversary of National Library Week. April is also National Poetry Month.  For details click here

Julie Andrews' Treasury for all Seasons

Click here for children’s poetry in the library





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