Our history with ‘Kenya Kids @ Rongo’

In June 2007 a group of St. Matthew’s parishioners traveled to Rongo, Kenya to help construct a dorm for the boys at the orphanage there, install a water purification system and other things. Since then, St. Matthew’s has been sponsoring orphans in Rongo.

The Kenya Kids are our adopted group of orphans living in the village of Rongo, Kenya. We are their major source of outside support.

We’ve been responsible for their well-being over the years in many ways. We’ve built dorms equipped with bunk beds, bedding and mosquito nets; bathrooms, classrooms and a kitchen. We’ve provided the means to build a sun and rain shelter for study and recreation.

Today, St. Matthew’s continues to provide money for food, medical attention, school books, school tuition and the required school uniforms. We’ve provided money for farm animals, water purification equipment and training.We make possible the kids’ training in tailoring and carpentry.

Everything we do with our Kenya Kids is in the hope of their becoming self-sustaining by being able to set up local small businesses – or move on to higher education.

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