Outreach Ministry at St. Matthew’s

Parishioners actively participate in St. Matthew’s many outreach ministries — donating items, giving money through their annual pledge, praying for those in need, showing up to serve, providing a service, knitting a scarf, being a part of a larger group supporting a cause.

All our outreach ministries are evaluated by the Outreach Committee and approved by our Vestry.

St. Matthew’s parishioners are involved in these local outreach programs:
  • Louisville’s Habitat for Humanity on the 1st Saturday of the month.
  • Wayside Christian Mission, serving lunch on the 2nd Sunday of the month.
  • The annual “Miles for Meals” Hunger Walk in Sept.
  • Kentucky Refugee Ministries, helping re-settle refugees in the Louisville area.
St. Matthew’s is providing financial support to these outreach ministries in 2016:
  • Cornerstone, preparing home-cooked meals and babysitting for teen mothers attending weekly peer support and life skills programs at the Home of the Innocents ($500).
  • Our Dare To Care Food Pantry, which provides food on the 3rd Sat. of every month to over 200 families ($4,000).
  • The Ebenezer Orphanage in Rongo, Kenya (Our “Kenya Kids @ Rongo”), providing direct support to over 70 orphans for housing, food and education ($38,000).
  • St. George’s Scholar Institute, offering after-school and educational support for middle and high school students in West Louisville ($7,000).
  • St. Matthews Area Ministries, which provides emergency resources for people in the St. Matthews area. We are one of a number of area churches funding this organization ($6,500).

Our St. Matthew’s 2016 budget allots $70,000 to outreach. Besides the programs that receive direct financial support, we have budgeted up to $14,000 in undesignated outreach funds for emergency or emerging outreach needs.

Besides monetary support, St Matthew’s collects many items for those in need in our community:
  • Groceries for St. George’s Episcopal Church and Calvary Episcopal Church food pantries (Collection months: Feb., Apr., June and Oct.)
  • School supplies for St. Matthews Area Ministries (Collection month: July).
  • Knitted and crocheted scarves for the Seaman’s Ministry’s Christmas boxes for workers on our area’s river systems (Collection month: November).
  • Christmas presents through our Advent Tree (Collection month: December). The Outreach Committee selects the beneficiary.

In 2015, our Vestry began a process to identify and clarify our mission “to reach out as Christ’s hands” and to simplify and streamline the process by which we determine the programs that will be part of our outreach ministry. As a result, our Vestry changed the way in which outreach funds are raised and disbursed. Money from many small individual funds (“designated funds”) was made part of the general budget to simplify and increase accountability for St. Matthew’s outreach efforts. Outreach funds are disbursed based on the recommendations of the church’s Outreach Committee and approved by the Vestry.


Our Food Pantry

Kenya Kids @ Rongo