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brianGoodChildrensChapelsquare11:05a, Rm. 114 (Lower Level) 

What is your Lenten experience, and what does Lent really mean to you? It is important that we first “own” Lent ourselves so that we can truly share its beauty and power with our family. When we know this about Lent, then we can better commit to making Lent an important part of family life and more effectively deepen our children’s understanding and belief in the necessity of this yearly event. We can more clearly select activities and evaluate ideas that will help them grasp the magnitude that is Lent.

  • Feb. 14: Why Lent is for Families
  • Feb. 21: Lenten Themes for Families
  • Feb. 28: Lenten Activities for Families, Part I
  • Mar. 6: Lenten Activities for Families, Part II
  • Mar. 13: Continuing the Lenten Journey
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