• This blog began in the summer of 2014 and ended at the end of 2016. New content is no longer being added.

The Cycle of Life

Since unexpectedly leaving seminary in April of 2013 and returning to Louisville, a great deal of life has happened within my family.

In August 2013, my second grandchild, Elise, was born.  In September, my mom lost her sight in one eye and moved into a nursing home.

For Adrian

Our society is divided. It continues to be divided along racial lines by the different experiences we have culturally, in the workplace, in the justice system, in where we live and go to church.

Sometimes I think that dialogue, sharing, music, being together in the same space, the same circumstance, … Continue reading

I need you

During a recent conversation with my mom, she recounted events about the death of her close friend’s husband. Her friend, Bo, phoned my mom within moments after her husband died at home. My mom immediately drove to Bo’s house and remained with her until the funeral home arrived. Continue reading

The Times They Are A-Changin’

In 2009, I stood in the reception area of my office with colleagues and watched as a new president was sworn in to lead the United States. I stood there watching the television with my friend and colleague who was about to become a parent, just as I was. My friend is black and I am white and we stood together watching history unfold as our lives were set to change. Continue reading