• This blog began in the summer of 2014 and ended at the end of 2016. New content is no longer being added.

Everyday Parenting

“Raising children is easy,” said no parent ever. The terrible twos morph into the terrible teens. Diapers give way to dirty socks on the dining room table. Tantrums become eye rolling (unless you are blessed with both). The Wiggles fall to rapper 50 Cent. Coloring is replaced by texting and Snapchat. Puberty … Continue reading

The poor widows

Views from the Pews welcomes guest blogger Kathryn Wilson, a new member of St. Matthew’s.

This past Sunday’s readings included two separate stories about poor widows, immediately making me think of my grandmother, whom I lost this past April. After my grandfather passed away from cancer twenty years ago, she … Continue reading


Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go running without time constraints; the alarm didn’t waken me and I wasn’t under pressure to return home for a kids’ activity. It was a beautiful day, and as I proceeded through the park, a feeling of gratitude washed over me. While this … Continue reading