• This blog began in the summer of 2014 and ended at the end of 2016. New content is no longer being added.
Bruce Kleinschmidt

About Bruce Kleinschmidt

Bruce Kleinschmidt grew up in Louisville and came to St. Matthew's in 1968. Something “stuck” and he’s been in and out of the parish since then. He moved to Dallas in 1983 and subsequently to Austin TX and Indianapolis. He’s been on vestries in three dioceses. He explored the priesthood in both the Episcopal and Catholic churches, and completed two years of seminary. Bruce obtained a law degree, a master’s degree and taught legal research and writing at two law schools. He has three grown sons and three grandchildren.

The Cycle of Life

Since unexpectedly leaving seminary in April of 2013 and returning to Louisville, a great deal of life has happened within my family.

In August 2013, my second grandchild, Elise, was born.  In September, my mom lost her sight in one eye and moved into a nursing home.