• This blog began in the summer of 2014 and ended at the end of 2016. New content is no longer being added.
Sarah Emery

About Sarah Emery

Sarah Emery is a biology professor at the University of Louisville and has been a member of St. Matthew’s for over 8 years. She and her husband, Brad, have two young children, Eddie and Alice. At St. Matthew’s, Sarah teaches Middle School Sunday School, is a member of the Adult Handbell Choir, and serves as an usher.

Threads of Support

This past spring, the students in our middle-school Sunday school class tried a “feats of strength” activity involving thread. The challenge involved taking a long piece of thread and breaking it in half (karate sound effects optional), then putting those halves together and breaking two threads, then four, and so-on until the threads were unbreakable. Continue reading

Who wants to say grace?

People “say grace” in a wide variety of ways, from memorized traditional blessings to rambling improvised prayers to a simple “cheers!” Even the funny ones provide a pause before meals and can give a sense of sacredness to the ordinary. My four-year-old son taught my family our current favorite, as learned in his preschool. It goes like this: Continue reading