• This blog began in the summer of 2014 and ended at the end of 2016. New content is no longer being added.
Shannon Frey

About Shannon Frey

Shannon Frey is a 45-year-old knitter, runner, mother, and wife. A cradle Episcopalian and Michigan native, she has attended St. Matthew's since 2000. She earned her MSW in 1995 from the University of Michigan and currently works at the University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development.

Love wins

Lately, I have been participating in a personal experiment: I smile at strangers as much as possible. It’s amazing the result: Invariably, he/she smiles in return.

The motivation behind this stems from the plethora of hate, controversy and unrest that has been pervasive of late. I want to remember … Continue reading

We are Ali

Even though I am not a native of Louisville, Muhammad Ali’s significance to this city – and indeed, to the world – has not escaped me.

I decided to attend his funeral procession via bike. Because biking is not my primary sport, I am not very confident on wheels. … Continue reading

Unexpected Joy

My favorite memory from Thanksgiving weekend occurred when Andy, Sam, Amelia and I were playing dominoes at the kitchen table.  Our extended family had departed and we began reminiscing about games we had played in the past. Amelia was recalling my sister’s reaction in a particular situation and began to … Continue reading


Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go running without time constraints; the alarm didn’t waken me and I wasn’t under pressure to return home for a kids’ activity. It was a beautiful day, and as I proceeded through the park, a feeling of gratitude washed over me. While this … Continue reading

I need you

During a recent conversation with my mom, she recounted events about the death of her close friend’s husband. Her friend, Bo, phoned my mom within moments after her husband died at home. My mom immediately drove to Bo’s house and remained with her until the funeral home arrived. Continue reading