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Inspired by Walter Brueggemann

Walter Brueggemann is a renowned Old Testament scholar who will be at St. Matthew’s on Martin Luther King weekend as our preacher and Dimensions of Faith lecturer. His book “Prayers for a Privileged People” speak directly to those of us who find ourselves privileged because of the luck of birth and skin color.

The prayer “We Bid Your Presence” based on Psalm 22 (“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?…”) concludes

We acknowledge your dreadful absence and insist on your presence.
Come again, come soon. Come here.

That is the prayer I want God to hear, but when I am honest, in my heart I find myself frequently adding,

And too often we dread your presence and insist on your absence,
that we might justify doing what you would not have us do.

Bob Nesmith

About Bob Nesmith

Parishioner Bob Nesmith is a businessman and retired Coast Guard officer. A member of St. Matthew's since 1975, he has held various leadership positions in the parish and the diocese. READ MORE ABOUT BOB AND OUR OTHER BLOGGERS.
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  1. Thank you for that Brueggemann prayer. Timely.
    Look forward so much to hearing him again.

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