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Unexpected Joy

My favorite memory from Thanksgiving weekend occurred when Andy, Sam, Amelia and I were playing dominoes at the kitchen table.  Our extended family had departed and we began reminiscing about games we had played in the past. Amelia was recalling my sister’s reaction in a particular situation and began to laugh uncontrollably.  Her glee was infectious; soon I began laughing as I have not done in quite some time — a big belly laugh that leaves you breathless and makes your abs hurt.

I hold that moment close to me now as the latest news leaves me feeling hopeless. Racism, fear, poverty, intolerance, violence pervade our society.  As a result of the depressing state of affairs, I especially treasure that moment and remember it with fondness as it testifies to our human resolve — to maintain some element of joy despite the darkness around us.

Shannon Frey

About Shannon Frey

Shannon Frey is a 45-year-old knitter, runner, mother, and wife. A cradle Episcopalian and Michigan native, she has attended St. Matthew's since 2000. She earned her MSW in 1995 from the University of Michigan and currently works at the University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development.
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  1. You have sent me to my own memory bank of such joys. Thanks.

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