The Bridge – Children’s Worship

The Bridge is a service for students in 2nd to 5th grades. Children participate as acolytes, lectors, and ushers.

Please sign your child up to take part as a an acolyte, lector or usher.
There are descriptions these roles at the bottom of this page.

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Acolyte: We have one acolyte each week. The acolyte arrives about ten minutes before church begins. The acolyte goes to the vesting room to put on his/her white robe. The chaplain will help you until you are familiar with the procedure. The acolyte goes to the chapel and takes the cross off of the altar. Then the acolyte joins the group in the Lounge. Carrying the cross with honor and care, the acolyte leads the procession. upon entering the chapel, the acolyte walks down the center aisle and places the cross back on the altar. Then the acolyte (with the chaplain’s assistance) lights the candles. Ad the end of the service, the acolyte extinguishes the candles. The acolyte may where his/her robe into the Eucharist or return it to the vesting room before going to join her/his family.

Gospel Reader (Lector). In order to be prepared, the Gospel reader will click on this link to obtain the reading for the week. The chaplain will ask the lector/Gospel reader to come forward at the appropriate time to read the Gospel. After the reading, the Gospel reader will return to her/his seat.

Prayers of the People (Lector): The Prayers of the People are found within the Bridge binder. The lector will be asked to come forward by the chaplain and will lead the people in the Prayers. The lector will return to his/her seat after the prayers.

Usher: The usher arrives about five minutes early and goes to the Chapel to make sure the offering basket and the Bridge service binders are on the large table in the back of the room. At the end of the service, the usher takes the offering basket into church. The Bridge usher will wait at the back of the church with the other ushers. Then the Bridge usher walks to the altar with the adult ushers to present the Bridge offering with the others.

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