Pastoral care at St. Matthew’s

St. Matthew’s has a long tradition of care for its members, both by clergy and lay parishioners. There’s a tradition of baking loaves of bread and delivering them to new members in their homes, welcoming them with a simple “thinking of you” note.

Our ordained ministers bless new homes, baptize new members (infants, children and adults who seek baptism), officiate at weddings and funerals, and even provide financial aid to parishioners in need. Clergy with training in therapy provide family and marriage counseling, end-of life counseling and grief counseling.

Our parishioners themselves do a great deal of pastoral care. Lay eucharistic ministers bring communion to those unable to attend our Sunday Eucharists. Parishioners deliver flowers to parishioners who have experienced grief – at Christmas, poinsettias; Lilies at Easter. They prepare food for hospitality after funerals. They drive parishioners to church, to doctors’ appointments, and take them shopping if they cannot get out on their own.

Care teams of trained parishioners expand our church’s ministry by making phone calls, sending cards, and visiting parishioners who are ill or in need.

These Care Team training presentations provide valuable information and education for anyone.
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