Pub Theology Jan. 10: Charting our course

Tue. Jan. 10
Corner Cafe Louisville,
9307 La Grange Road

New Year’s resolutions! Most of us make them, but few of us can keep them. Sadly, these good intentions rarely last beyond the first few weeks of the new year. Is there a better way to approach this year-ending time of reflection and good intent? Can we turn the simple, all-too-forgettable annual resolution into spiritual practices that might actually stick?

In Pub Theology on Tues., Jan. 10, let’s talk about the New Year as a time of looking forward and looking back, and discuss new ways to look at the past year’s joys and sorrows, wins and losses, as guides for making the coming year just a little better. All are welcome in the conversation. Please join us, and bring a friend or neighbor.

Interested? Contact Robin Garr.

You don’t have to be a St. Matthew’s member to join us.

Pub Theology is a casual monthly gathering in which people get together at a local restaurant and discuss a theological or biblical topic of interest over food and drink. We get to know each other and grow spiritually together in a pleasant environment.


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