Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans is an award-winning author and popular blogger from Dayton, Tennessee — home of the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925. Rachel’s first book, Evolving in Monkey Town: How A Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask the Questions (Zondervan, 2010), explores the relationship between faith and doubt and recounts the challenges of asking tough questions about Christianity in the context of the Bible Belt. She has been featured in interviews on NPR, Slate, The BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian (UK), The London Times, The Huffington Post and Oprah.com. . Rachel is a skeptic, a creative, and a follower of Jesus. She is a lifelong Alabama Crimson Tide fan, and happily married to her husband Dan.

In her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood, Rachel Held Evans lives the Bible’s commands for women as literally as possible for one year, and emerges prepared to take on the traditionalist resurgence that has left many women questioning their roles at home and church.

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