Read ‘White Rage’ for Feb. 2 book event

This year’s city-wide book discussion will be held Thurs. Feb. 2 at 7p at Crescent Hill Baptist Church (2800 Frankfort Ave.).

whiteRageBookCov“Our book selection for 2017, White Rage by Carol Anderson, picks up where last year’s book concluded—at the end of the Civil War,” writes Highland Baptist pastor Joe Phelps.

“Anderson, a professor at Emory University, shows how the Civil War legally freed the enslaved but did not alter the reality of white privilege and the white desire to retain this preferred status….Since 1865 virtually every attempt to bring equality and legal standing to blacks has been met by white rage, direct and indirect, sometimes subtle, mostly overt.”

Come Feb. 2 to meet Dr. Anderson and discuss White Rage.

Read Pastor Joe Phelps’ article in Sunday’s Courier-Journal about the book and the event.

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