Our 2015 Rongo Fund Drive

The new house at Rongo.

The new house at Rongo.

The annual Kenya Kids @ Rongo Fund Drive begins Sunday, Jan. 18.

Please give generously!

We have built the buildings and now we are free to put all our focus on building productive adults. Their needs are:

  • Nutrition, ealth and expenses of everyday living.
  • Tuition for education beginning with 9th Grade (Form One).
  • Strengthening vocational programs with additional courses and better tools.

Bring Daniel and his wife Damaris to St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church so that we can hear their story.

Message from Daniel
We really thank God for your love and prayers which has allowed us to come this far, you are really the hand and feet of Jesus, to us, we are daily seeing Christ in your love for us.

As you can see in the photo, the house is complete … we just need to move in, we just need the inside plaster, and few furniture and inside doors. We have been having youth camp here, and different activities.

We have not heard from you for a while, but hope all is well with you in the Lord. We plan to move to the house any time from now, what a Christmas gift.

May our God bless all those who have sacrificially given for our needs, and for the house.

To God be the Glory.

Daniel, for Rongo Kenya kids @ Rongo Committee

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