Support our Kenya Kids @ Rongo

Why should we support Kenya Kids @ Rongo?

What’s so important about children in an African orphanage nearly 8,000 miles away? Why should we care? Why should we as individuals and a church help?

The answer is simple: We make a difference.

The St. Matthew’s congregation has taken the children at the Ebenezer Orphanage to heart, and blessed them with financial support, support they otherwise would never have. And what has happened is nothing short of amazing. Children, with virtually nothing, who were abandoned or left without a family to nurture and provide for them now have essentials all children deserve and that we in the U. S. take for granted.

Lavender and Damaris at a new school

Lavender and Damaris at a new school

Through St. Matthew’s parishioner donations to the Kenya Kids @ Rongo Ministry, children at the Ebenezer Orphanage are provided with a place to live, meals, books, school materials, medicines and, most importantly, a fighting chance to advance through the Kenyan educational system. As they gain a higher level of education, these children will have the possibility to grow into a career where higher pay is probable and the opportunities to succeed are more plentiful. As educated and productive members of Kenyan society, these children will then have the chance to return the gift of support to the Ebenezer Orphanage. The orphanage in turn will positively shape more young persons’ futures who will then give back to the orphanage to help those who follow.

Damaris and Daniel Ochieng Run The Ebenezer Orphanage and Believe Education Shapes The Future

Training young men to weld.

Training young men to weld.

Your Support As An Easter Offering Feeds Hope

As Holy Week and Easter approaches, please take a moment to consider making an offering to assist the Ebenezer Orphanage in Kenya through our Kenya Kids @ Rongo Ministry. St Matthew’s, through its commitment to outreach, has budgeted funds to support Kenya Kids @ Rongo in 2016. Please contribute to this commitment. St. Matthew’s monies are the sole support of the orphanage and are used to provide its 70 children with clean water, food, medicine and education.

Your monies help.

Make your donation online – CLICK HERE TO DONATE via EasyTithe.
On the EasyTitle site, use the pulldown-menu to choose “Kenya Kids @ Rongo.” Any amount you donate is greatly appreciated! CLICK HERE

A Letter of Thanks From The Ochiengs

We thank God for the Vestry Committee of St. Matthew’s for approving support for us for in 2016, to God be the Glory.

We are equally concerned with the future, and we are openly discussing this with our children.

About the children: Harrison has started to work; Barack and Emily are looking for employment; and Winny and Mary are in Mombasa. We are banking on them for future support, as in African culture where parents invest in their children, to help them in the future. Our children now give us meals once in a while, and some are now taking care of their other children and taking the burden of support off us.

We have received funds for the bread baker. This will help us raise support for the orphanage. And we are also investing in farming to reduce our running cost.

We value your advice to help us improve now , and prepare to be self-sustainable in future.

As God provides we will set up our own library to reduce the cost of buying books, and we will have our own transport to reduce the cost of hiring a vehicle.

With more cows we are planning to make our own biogas for cooking, so as to reduce money spent on firewood.

We have many plans, and we are trusting God for the future.

We still have fresh memories of the time we spent together, and we thank God for you and all that you have done for us. What a joy it is experience Christ love to us through you, and in your support of God’s children, the orphans.

Love and Peace of God, we daily thank God for you, and we pray for you daily. Thank you,

Daniel and Damaris

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