Rongo orphan ‘Linda was hit by a vehicle and died instantly’

March, 2014
From Daniel Ochieng:


We thank God for your love, support and prayers.

Kindly stand with us in prayers — we are in mourning as a family. One of us — Linda — was hit by a vehicle on her way from school, and she died instantly, very sad for us. The other children who were with her are traumatized; they need prayers and counseling. As a family this is a very sad death for us, and being the first one since we started, we are really touched. Pray with us as we go for Postmortem, and plan for burial.

God knows why this happened at this time. She was 12 years old, in grade 5.

The community reacted with alot of anger and they erected big bumps with stones on the road, which is also causing problem now for small vehicles; they cannot pass easily. Pray that this will not cause another problem between the community and the government.

“We know it is appointed unto man to die, and
we have victory over death in Christ”

1 Corinthians  15;55-57

This is our verse for this week, and next week.

Thanks for your love and Prayers,

Daniel Ochieng
on behalf of the entire family

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