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Kathy Bowling

Kathy Bowling

Kathy Bowling

Louisville native Kathy Bowling has been a member of St. Matthew’s for 55 years. “My mother was Roman Catholic and my father was Methodist,” she said. “They determined the Episcopal Church was a good fit for my family when I was 7 or 8 years old. Both my parents and my younger sister remained members of St. Matthew’s until their deaths.”

Kathy was confirmed at St. Matthew’s by Bishop Gresham Marmion at age 13.

After earning her master’s degree in Library Science, Kathy worked for 32 years as a school librarian. She also taught classes in library science and children’s literature at the University of Kentucky and Spalding University. Thus it is no surprise that the programs and ministries she has served at St. Matthew’s, which are of special significance to her, include education, outreach and the library.

For Kathy, a personal need is filled by the programs, the liturgy and services, and the fellowship. She says, “My faith family at St. Matthew’s has been constant throughout my life. People of all types have been supportive during both times of joy and times of great sorrow and difficulty. Sometimes this support is quite overt through flowers, cards and hugs; sometimes it is simply a smile or a nod. During times when faith is weak and questionable, someone or something arises to make the journey possible.”

Kathy decided to include St. Matthew’s in her will “to give those in the future the same support that I have always received at St. Matthew’s, and to help provide a solid faith background for others.” She explained, “In this way, I feel I may be making a difference for someone I will never know, but who may need the church in a special way. If there is still a debt, I want my funds to help pay off the debt. If there is no debt, they may be used to support outreach, the music program or education at all levels.”

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