Sunday Education Classes

For children’s education program information, click here.

The following adult education programs and classes are offered most Sundays:

The Early Bird Theologians has morphed in into a Monday Adult Education class during the pandemic and is now hosted via Zoom. The class format is the same Early Bird format, typically featuring short educational videos on current theological issues and questions, followed by discussion. The class will eventually return to an in-person version. As in the past, it continues to offer an opportunity for stimulating and thought-provoking discussion. For more information or how to enroll, contact Julie Mushkin.

After our 10am service:

Faith and Life is not meeting at this time. The class may resume in the near future when the pandemic ebbs.

Clingman Forum is a lecture-based class. Guest speakers and parishioners who are educators and/or theologians speak on a variety of subjects from ancient to post-modern Christianity. Clingman Chapel, main level.