2016 Annual Pledge and Capital Stewardship Campaign

St. Matthew’s is currently working to meet the following three­part challenge of our combined 2016 Annual Pledge and Capital Stewardship Campaign:

Part 1 – Capital Debt Elimination $1,026,656

Part 2 – Property Renewal $   179,000

Part 3 – Annual Operating Budget $   725,000

TOTAL $1,930,656

For more information about the capital and annual operating needs of this campaign, click here. Given a three­year window to fulfill your capital pledge, what can you do to make the elimination of our capital debt a reality? Are you in a position to consider an extraordinary one­time gift of cash or appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) over and above your annual pledge to the operating budget? Or a multi­year pledge? A planned gift?

Whatever you can pledge to help St. Matthew’s eliminate its capital debt, renew its facilities, and support its ministries will be an investment in the work of God’s kingdom for years to come.

Please submit your 2016 Annual Pledge and Capital Stewardship Campaign pledge (see below) prior to All Saints’ Day, Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Thank you!

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