The ‘Baddest’ Bunch

St. Matthew’s is the baddest, most generous congregation I have ever been around. You know when I say “Baddest”, I mean “Goodest”.

I, Don Kissling, am fortunate enough to deliver food from you – the “Baddest” – to St. George and Calvary food kitchens.

This year, considering the total Outreach programs of St. Matthew’s, we have done well. My penchant for procrastination cause me to stop the monthly reports in the “Spirit”. The grade system blew up because of two things: 1) your continuing generosity, and 2) my new car. This car has a larger trunk and that threw the grade system out of wack. But let me say that I know there would have been no month less than a B+.

You have been wonderful. The grocery will be opened on the first Sunday and those who forget to bring something from home can contribute through the grocery.

It sure gives me a great sense of pride to have a fully loaded car from the “Baddest” Bunch for the “Goodest” cause.

— Don Kissling

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