The Very Rev. Tracey Lind

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind returned to preach at St. Matthew’s on All Saints Day, Sunday, November 4, 2018. You may have been at church for her last visit in June of 2015 and her dynamic sermon based on the parable of the mustard seed. Since that time a lot has changed in Tracey’s life, and we recommend that you come hear how she has adapted to these changes physically, mentally and spiritually.

On Election Day 2016, Tracey was diagnosed with early stage Frontotemporal Dementia, also known as FTD. The disease is caused by the degeneration of the temporal and frontal lobes and affects decision-making, behavioral control and language.

Tracey will preach at the 10a and 5p services and she will host a Q&A in Clingman Forum after the 10a.

Since the diagnosis, she has remained fully immersed in what life has to offer — and what she has to give. 

Tracey has spent the better part of her career working for social and environmental justice, interfaith relations, sustainable urban development, arts and culture, and progressive theology. 
For 17 years (2000-2017), Tracey served as Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, a thriving and diverse urban congregation in Cleveland.

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