The Word coming to life

After reading the John 1:1-18 (NRSV version and The Message translation) The Rev. Emily S. Crouch asked folks at the 8, 10 and 5pm services on Dec. 29 to share one word that describes “Christmas” to them.

Here are some of the powerful, grace-filled responses:

Love, Sharing, giving, compassion, hope, light, caring, beginning, incarnate, God with and Among us, together, family, peace, strength, Rejoice!, Welcome, the Word made Flesh, Gratitude, joy, celebration, family, wonder, warmth, innocence, trust, mercy, faithfulness, blessing, safe, gift, gather, invite, connection, friends, Essence, Star, serenity, sadness, stress, a double-edged sword Emmanuel, happy and wonder, Joy.

Thank you for sharing yourselves today!

– The Rev. Emily S. Crouch

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