Tom Ehrich

Episcopal priest Tom Ehrich has served congregations in Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and New York. His Morning Walk Media, a web publishing and church consulting company, developed the Church Wellness Project. Tom leads workshops, seminars and retreats.

As part of our ‘Dimensions of Faith’ series, Tom gave a diocesan workshop at St. Matthew’s March 2 and 3, 2012.

Tom Ehrich challenges church leaders, both ordained and lay, to rethink their assumptions about what being “church” means and why people are attracted to a church. Responding to a culture that does not place the same emphasis on organized religion as it did in the mid to late 20th century requires new thinking about how we communicate, what we communicate, where we meet people’s needs and an understanding of those needs. Unless we change, Ehrich predicts a continuing decline of all Christian churches, especially the mainline denominations.

Participants discuss Tom Ehrich’s Ideas. PHOTO: Ed Hill.

Participants discuss Tom Ehrich’s Ideas. PHOTO: Ed Hill.


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